Loss Moms in the pregnancy loss community often ask me, “Should I see a therapist after my pregnancy loss?”

And my answer is, “Yes! Yes, you totally can add seeing a therapist to your toolbox of ways to cope with your pregnancy loss.” 

two comfy chairs - Should I See a Therapist After My Pregnancy Loss?

And here’s why:

  • Therapists are neutral, trained health professionals who will witness and validate your grief and trauma without judgment.
  • Therapists understand and can help you understand your identity as it morphs and moves from mother-to-be to bereaved mother to the baby you lost.
  • Therapists are skilled at teaching clients skills on how to cope with life’s greatest challenges, and losing a baby is one of life’s greatest challenges. Just because 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage doesn’t mean there is no pain present with pregnancy loss. Therapists can help you find ways to cope so you can survive this unique heartbreak.
  • Therapists are expert communicators who can assist you in finding the words and ways you can communicate your emotions, desires, fears, wants and needs to your partner as you both walk this precarious path of parenthood after pregnancy loss. 


  • Therapists are often covered by insurance. 
  • Therapists are out there that have specialized training in supporting parents going through pregnancy loss and possibly even through the pregnancy after a loss. 

Therapist Myth:

  • “Therapists will make me lay on a couch and talk about my feelings while they take notes?”

Myth Busted:

  • Therapists will listen. They will also sit in silence. They will hold whatever emotional ball of yarn you need to bring into your session that day, week, month, or year that arises after losing your baby. And, a therapist will help you hold your yarn of feelings, untangle your emotions, or knit them into a blanket that wraps you in comfort. 

So my answer is YES! YES! You totally can see a therapist for support after your pregnancy loss. 

Need to find a therapist?

Visit Postpartum Support International to find some good options near you.

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