A mother is born when the idea of a baby is born within her heart. 

Mothers don’t hide this love. 

Heartache - "I will not hide my grief, as I did not hide my love."

We share it from the moment we squeal in delight when telling our partners we are going to be parents.

We share it by taking bump photos with fruit and posting them on social media for all to see. 

We share it by planning  gender relevals and baby showers.

We parent our babies yet to be born by attending appointments and passing on sushi and soft cheeses. 

We parent our babies yet to be born by painting nurseries and purchasing them baby clothes.

We parent our babies yet to be born by taking birth and breastfeeding classes.

But when the bough breaks….

And the cradle falls…

And the pregnancy test never turns positive

And the red blood trickles down our leg

And the ultrasound stays silent

Our hearts break 

When our baby dies or is never conceived. 

But our love never dies. 

Our love lives on. 

Our grief is a symptom of our love.

And we don’t need to hide our grief, as we did not hide our love.

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